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     285K GBP 
     42 sq.m. 
     United Kingdom, London
     "Hotel Apartments," "BridgesWharf" \ Battersea
     Location: Battersea, BridgesWharf, on the shore of the Thames opposite the Chelsea
     The hotel-apartment residence is a part of the elite "Bridges Wharf", comprising residential apartments, penthouses, a total area of the park with water elements, pedestrian zones along the embankment, several cafes, restaurants, shops, showrooms, underground parking, etc.
     Helicopter is the only site in central London, where private aircraft can land. On the heliport is planned as a separate entrance to the service facilities located in the hotel (including lounge), and the hotel room, hotel infrastructure.
     Hotel suites will include 100 hotel rooms class 4-5 star hotel and about 80-85 apartments (studios, apartments with 1-2 bedrooms, class de luxe suites with large open terraces).
     Of all the apartments and hotel rooms will be an excellent line and side views of the river in the direction of Westminster.
     Infrastructure-hotel suites will include: lounge (first floor), at 2 cafe on the ground floor, business centre (480 m2), a restaurant at 14 floor with panoramic view of the London, gym, spa center, etc.
     Commercial information:
     The total area of the building - 9881.4 M2
     The total area of apartments - 4265,81 m2
     Total commercial space - 1495,79 m2
     The total area of the hotel - 4119,8 m2
     Square for sale:
     The total area of the hotel rooms in the net - 2500 m2 (100 rooms to 25 m2 each)
     Area apartments net - 4265 m2
     The total living space for sale: 6765 m2
     *** The area does not include terraces, corridors, staircases and those. premises
     Another useful space (in the management of the hotel operator) - 2534 m2 including:
     The first floor of the hotel lounge - 632 m2,
     The area under lease Centre flights - 548 m2
     Cafes, bars 2 on the first floor - 181 m2,
     Panoramic restaurant on the roof - 462 m2,
     Business Centre - 481 m2
     Zone for the management of the hotel - 226 m2
     New proposals in BridgesWharf, Battersea
     Super proposals Altura Tower
     In the third building complex (Block C) - is a luxury hotel with all relevant infrastructure (bars meeting rooms, restaurants, etc.) + on the roof - Restaurant Gordon Ramzisa (best known restaurateurs in London and the world. (Prices)
     Apartment-offices in Bridges Wharf
     It is very advantageous proposal: - separate entrance from the street, do not waste time on the movement (especially true for those who bought or is planning to buy a house outside the city..... come to London because of the city on the cases is the need to stay overnight, Delayed for several days, etc.).
     This commercial property, which can be used in different ways: salon, boutique, the show-room, office and other products, except for use by a restaurant or cafe.... Prices for office-suite remained at the level 2 - x years ago !!!!! at a time when all the apartments stand, at least 20-30% more expensive!
     For example: flat overlooking the Thames 81 m2 worth 875000 pounds, and office suite with separate entrance on two floors 91 m2 worth 535000 pounds.....
     Payment terms: 15% -85%
     Deadline for construction - the end of 2009, that is payment of 85% - the end of 2009
     Mortgage - up to 70% for up to 30 years. Mortgage agreed with the banks for 6 months. before the end of construction.
     Redistributing object to any price is possible at any stage of construction.
     Non-residents pay no tax on the gains !!!!!!
     BridgesWharf, Battersea
     BridgesWharf - elite set in a prestigious district of London - Battersea, which will be built on the southern bank of the River Thames opposite Chelsea to 3 quarter of 2009
     Bridges Wharf construction ends development of the territory of the embankment in the area of Battersea, thereby exclusiveness of the complex becomes even more meaningful.
     BridgesWharf combines different types of residential and commercial real estate destination, including apartments and penthouses class De Luxe, a five-star hotel at 100 rooms, a restaurant with a panoramic view of the 14 floor of the building and several cafes with access to the embankment, business center, shops, helicopter pad, etc.
     Total will be built 266 apartments located in three buildings 11, 12 and 15 floors.
     The architectural design made famous architect Chantrey Davis in a way that kind of magnificent buildings complement the river landscape, and the building as if descended to meet the Thames and seven other buildings, located in this zone.
     Only 40% of the site (0.75 hectares) will be built, the rest of the spacious will be converted into a recreational area and the private garden for the residents of the complex. From the River Thames will also pave the way for a width of 8 meters, on which the parties planned to install lighting, plant trees, conduct a landscape of work and improved territory.
     The project is located next to benefit pedestrian Boulevard equipped with numerous cafes, shops and other commercial institutions and connects with Bridges Court embankment. Will also be laid out along the footpaths ecological zones with elements of the lakes in order to create and maintain the natural colors of Ecology.
     Commercial real estate
     The proposed commercial area will consist of:
     100 + hotel rooms - 4200 m2,
     business center Weston, ideally suited for small companies - 690 m2,
     Several cafes and other infrastructure elements,
     14 restaurant on the ground floor with panoramic view and a terrace restaurant across the circle, as well as stores - a total of 1350 m2
     Additional services:
     The complex will include a single helicopter pad in London, managed by a subsidiary company "Weston Homes". The decision to purchase heliport was taken in order to give absolute exclusivity complex Bridges Wharf, as well as providing additional services to guests and residents of the complex.
     The system of security "A state of the art"
     Video sec.door
     24-hour concierge services
     Guarded underground parking with a code system Secure
     Date of construction:
     The beginning of construction - June 2006
     The end of construction - the summer of 2009
     Apartments & Penthauzy
     Penthouse - located on the upper floors of buildings. Typically, penthouses have a separate entrance with a separate elevator.
     Area Penthouse - from 100-150 m2. Area terraces - from 80-100 m2.
     Layout Penthouse includes a spacious hall and room and reach a large terrace with multiple perspectives on the river Thames.
     All penthouses built on individual specifications, including home theater, LCD screen and audio system, heated floors, air-conditioning system, etc. Each individual specification - discussed further on the basis of the wishes of the customer.
     Apartments have an area of 42 m2 to 102 m2 (excluding the area of balconies and terraces).
     All apartments in the complex distinguishes the spacious hall, a variety of perspectives on the river Thames and several exits on balconies and terraces. In some suites have terraces area is 100 metres and more.
     Estimated cost apartments:
     with one bedroom - from 285,000 GBP
     with two bedrooms - from GBP 395000
     Please contact us for more information.
     BridgesWharf, Battersea
     In the photo - the progress of work at the site in late 2007
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