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N 31828 Contact information: +7 903 7967498
     Lovely house in the centre of Athens
     300K EUR 
     380 sq.m. 
     Greece, Athens
     A lovely four store house, 380 square metres, located in the heart of Athens, just 20 minutes away from Acropolis by foot! It is suitable for families, offices, bussineses, hotels etc. The house is in a very good condition, as it is newly renovated. It also has a small backyard.
     There are marble stairs on the inside of the house, and safety stairs on the outside, on the backyard. Each floor is autonomous and it has its own bathroom, kitchen and balcony, as well as its own solar/gas heating and air condition. Each floor has its own counter kilovator (water and electricity). All the kitchens have a small balcony which ‘see’ the backyard. The plumping is newly changed. The height of the ceilings is 3,60 meters. All of the windows have protective fence.
     The second floor has a unique big living room, with stoned walls, suitable for social events. On the third floor, the living room also includes a traditional bricked fireplace. The third floor has a big balcony which ‘sees’ a quite road. Across the road, there is a museum and a big hotel. Although the house is located on a quite street, away from noise pollution, it is only 7-8 minutes away from the metro station Metaksourgio by foot! Moreover it is close to all the utilities, theatres and supermarkets.
     Also, I would like to let you know that on the house you can build 2 more floors if you like, and also an elevator. According to the greek law, whoever owns a house for more than 300,000 in Greece, automatically is given a green card.
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