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     Fully renovated castle in France
     800K EUR 
     520 sq.m. (pl.)
     22000 sq.m. (site)
     France, Franche-Comte
     His story:
     The house was built in 1232 nobleman Heurcusde Chassey, had the tower and was surrounded by a stone wall and a protective moat. This home is a fortress that could withstand the enemy. This family living expense of the tribute which they were collected from traders, floating on the river Sone.
     In the XIV century the descendants des Chassey to the castle was pristoena majestic tower, which today serves as a wine cellar, and at one time it was a prison.
       Farmhouse converted into a comfortable residence for the castle, which confirms the power of its owners.
     In the XV century, the castle was abandoned by his family, which built near this other castle fortress with three large towers, and who subsequently served as a defense and as a garrison.
     Today the castle meticulously restored. Combines modern comfort and keeps the architectural heritage of the rare elements of the XIV century, such as the chapel, "gun" room with large antique fireplace. Tower with a beautiful stone spiral staircase, wine cellar at the time certainly appeal to fans of the old stone.
     Floor area: 520 m?, as well as numerous buildings.
     - 5 bedrooms
     - 2 lounges, including a big "weapon" lounge 70 m? with a large antique fireplace.
     - Kitchen with fireplace;
     - Winter garden;
     - Chapel;
     - A square tower with a winding stone staircase leading to the bedrooms.
     - 4 bathrooms and 5 toilets;
     - 2 wine cellars, one of which - a historic castle prison;
     - A swimming pool with a covered terrace, toilet and shower.
     This beautiful house has been fully restored by the present owners using vintage materials and is equipped with French ceilings. It is noteworthy that some of the stone floors are equipped with heating. To do this, they completely lifted, paving the heating and then laid back. And the house was well insulated for maximum comfort. For thermal insulation home has class C (maximum).
     Located on a hill, so that of the bedrooms have beautiful scenery and views of the village. No vis-a-vis. From the prying eyes of the castle is protected by a stone wall. Beautiful park 22,000 m? with a fountain.
     For lovers of river traffic near the castle, there is a small harbor.
     Geographical location:
     Ideally located, a 20-min. from a small airport, and less than 45 min.ot speed rail TGV. In the 1.5-hour drive from the international airport of Basel. And also has a winning proximity of the wine treasures of Burgundy, Jura, Alsace and Champagne. In the heart of Europe, close to Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. This is a real advantage.
     The perfect offer for those who want to bring French history in their lives.
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