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     Exclusive villa on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.
     3.5m EUR
     2.82K EUR / sq.m.
     1241 sq.m. (pl.)
     1000 sq.m. (site)
     Bulgaria, Varna
     Welcome to the posh villa on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, 7 km from Varna and 17 km from the international airport of Varna.
     Villa is situated in the beautiful and quiet place in the elite cottage settlement, 500 meters from the sea, not far from the famous residence "Evksinograd", which stopped the government delegation and the rest Prime - Minister of Bulgaria. With houses a beautiful sea view, Evksinogradsky park and private beach with mooring for yachts.
     The building houses designed in Mediterranean style, WHR 1241 M2, 3 level, at the most prestigious residential part of g. Varna, 500 meters from the sea and in the vicinity of the Sea Garden. The building is on the total area of 1534 square meters, which is a standard solution of landscape design in the light of the denivelyatsii. At the top of the courtyard is a place for parking of four vehicles, and yard moves smoothly into the rows of flowers in flowerbeds located between drains. Access to the next level, leading to the front door at home, provided through the elegant spiral staircase. This part of the court is faced with the use of natural materials - heat-treated (finished) vrachanskogo granite and limestone to the effect of «old». With this level of court can be reached at the second level of the house. Here is the front door with solid oak doors with beautiful stained glass windows. Located below the level of the courtyard is located to the south-east of the house in front of the facade itself, and here the levels are designed in the form of terraces, fully oblagorozheny and green plants. Both parts of the yard completely covered. In south-eastern part of the courtyard is the second entrance to the house, on the wide paved alley of cars enter the garage. The very broad terrace in the courtyard, which is closest to the house, situated a swimming pool, lined around which also is made of limestone vrachanskogo effect «old». From the park, passing through a large veranda, heat-treated coated (glossy), granite, you can go directly to the first level of the house, which is the first level and a huge living room, the ceiling height which reaches 3 m in the first and 2.7 m at the second level. Exceptional drama and grandeur attached to the interior ellipsovidnaya empora surrounded by a colonnade. On the side of the house, from its western facade, literally in front showcases kinosalona located nook, which can easily be converted into space for barbecues and picnics in the open air. Facing this, too, is made of heat-treated (finished) Granite. Architectural design of all buildings completed in the light of the fact of its location near the sea, equipped with a garage for ten cars. Garage is equipped with a modern system of diversion of hazardous gases by using modern technologies and protection of floor lining, installed automatic garage doors. The house has a sewage system, a dual supply of drinking water, a separate three-phase power supply with the possibility of providing additional power connection to the emergency power aggregate. Alternative power boiler using energy generated by solar collectors. The house set pyatikamernye window frames with PVC German profile Salamander, tinted with the external and internal impenetrable glass glass color «Golden Oak». External facades pyatisantimetrovym with a layer of insulation from ekspandirovannogo polystyrene, using a mineral plaster Baumit. The system of heating in the building operates on diesel fuel, using convectors on the first and second level living room (because of the height of the premises), aluminum radiators in the rest rooms, floor heating system in the living room, kitchen, kinosalone at the first level. Floor heating system installed in all bathrooms and toilets in the house, as well as in the cabin with a Jacuzzi in the master suites. Connected to the system heating and cooling system used in the hot summer days, along with independent air conditioning system. It has three fireplaces - one for each level of the living room and one in the living room master suite. In general, the house was designed and built on three levels / floors with attic balcony, with a total area of 1241 m2. • 1 241 m2 of living space • 1 000 m2 garden with professionally arranged landscape • 500 meters from the beach • 3 bedrooms with separate bathrooms with Jacuzzi • Lounge with the floor of the three-natural oak flooring and panels on the wall of balchigskogo • 3 stone fireplace with French burners and marble facings • 5.Problems with automatic translation. Please contact administrator., Problems with automatic translation. Please contact administrator., heated floors and aluminum battery
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