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     It has a private residence +
     3.2m USD 
     40000 sq.m. (pl.)
     12 hect. (site)
     Bulgaria, Plovdiv
     We have the pleasure to introduce to you the two property for sale in the town of Plovdiv, Rhodope area, the village of Markovo, still called Beverly Hills.
     He has an excellent panoramic view of the city of Plovdiv and the whole trakiyskuyu plains, including "Stary Mountains."
     In the south disclosed a view of the Rodopite. Place, wholesalers suitable geographical, and climatic conditions, and in terms of urban development plan.
     Located at 4 kilometers from the city of Plovdiv and a half kilometres from the district Ring Road. Nearby is Trakia motorway and Plovdiv Airport.
     The first set, which we would like to invite you to sell - a complex of three buildings, which are located in areas "Isaka" in the vicinity of the main road to the village, located 50 m and 20 km trunk line elektroperedachi, with a 100 m. of the village. Also in 2008, the gasification of a company Sitigaz. "
     The complex was built on an area of 7.6 ha in size.
     The project already has three buildings with a total area of 11553 square meters, of which two zhilishnyh buildings: apartments with a different layout and the building of the centre and spa with a fitness center, internal swimming pool, restaurant, bar and roayal panoramic cafe at the last floor roundabout review, as well as an administrative area with outdoor barbecues, shop. Excellent planting.
     Land sale with the project, and has permission to the building site.
     Second Object - a private residence, which is also located in the village of Markovo. The complex was built on 4 24162 sq.m.
     Residence nowadays car garage at 4, and involves building closed passage. The main room in the 3 floors, with an area of 1175, 67 sq.m.
     The building includes a winter garden, a huge Hall on two floors and two levels. You can find more information 6 - metre fireplace in the 30 sq.m., 4 bedrooms with the health components, a kitchen, foyer and vspomagatelnymi premises.
     On the third floor of the main building there is a place and a big room for entertainment. Technical room is equipped with fans. From this room a great panoramic view of the Stara Mountain, Rodopite, Plovdiv.
     In the basement room razpologaetsya large room with a fireplace, kitchen and viny cellar.
     The specially built room service with the markings with the necessary komunikatsiyami and sanitary unit. Lighting performed in the style "of English yard."
     Support building with a separate entrance and an area of 427.51 square meters, includes apartments for the staff, about 120 square meters, as well as garages and warehouses. And in the basement, there are elekricheskie aggregates and vodohranilishnoe pomeschenie.Pomescheniya highlights style courtyard of England. "
     The building is linked to the main building internal passage of 75.53 square meters, as snovnoe building linked to the SPA center with a passage from 13.41 sq.m.
     SPA център Square 604.43 sq.m. Residential fitness room, sauna, with infrared cabin, steam sauna, solarium, Jacuzzi and the pool closed inland, with bathrooms, locker.
     The basement at the spa center serves all technical estates necessary for the operation of the complex.
     Residence Markovo buildings and the outdoor pool, poschadyu 121.65 sq.m., separately from the Jacuzzi and prelezhashie its technical facilities and a barbecue.
     Before Residences has parking for 20 cars, as the main entrance for 5 vehicles.
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