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     Apartment in residential complex "Marina Cape "
     29.95K EUR
     768 EUR / sq.m.
     38.96 sq.m. 
     Bulgaria, Aheloy
     Marina Cape Bulgaria: Luxury and tranquility in the heart of nature
     In 15 minutes from Bourgas International Airport, a resort residential complex Marina Cape "built on a cape, located in the middle of the bay Aheloyskogo. The small port of Marina (Yacht Club), secure the cape, takes yachts and fishing boats. Built on the site of 40 000 square meters, the four zones of Marina Cape "-" Yacht Club "," bay "," Kulata "(The Tower), and" Farah "(Lighthouse), attached to the individuality of our 650 apartments. In the building are studios and luxury shops and entertainment facilities.
     Visitors fall in love in this place even at a glance. In fact, during his visit, all visitors to buy. Come and understand themselves as to why this is happening. After some time, learn the unique history and geography of the province.
     Zone 1 - "Yacht Club"
     In connection with its excellent location, all apartments in the area of "Yacht Club" have sea view, some also see the Bay and the Yacht Club. The core zone is a large swimming pool with an area provided for children, followed by watching the professionals, is located near a bar in the water.
     Buildings constructed in the form of the Latin letter "S", whereby each of them provided with privacy and at the same time, each is open to the sea. The buildings have one or two entrance, and separate elevators. All apartments have terraces or balconies. Almost all the apartments, located in the parterre, has its own garden. This architectural solution embodies the vision of Marina Cape: to inspire a sense of community, while at the same time, in a way guaranteed to calm, comfort and intimacy.
     Construction phase. Construction began on 1 November 2005, with the first possession was transferred to a buyer in December 2006
     - Zone 2 - "The Gulf"
     A small building with 56 apartments on the shores of the Gulf. The combination of comfort and intimacy immediately attracts buyers: advertised for sale in September 2006, until December of that year, all the apartments were sold. The transfer of real estate scheduled for January - July 2007
     - Zone 3 - Kulata "
     Kulata located in the north-eastern end of the resort complex Marina Cape ". View of buildings on the sea, in a sense limited, but the clock tower, built in traditional Bulgarian style, will turn into an attractive center for residents, and visitors Marina Cape, where they will come for entertainment and shopping.
     In fact, in the north-east will be located shops and offices, SPA-center, courts for ball games (squash) and medical-dental center. All of them will occupy ground floor or below ground level.
     The advantage of "Kulata" zone is the proximity to a yacht club and the sea, and that the apartments are part of an exclusive elegant holiday complex with a high quality shopping and entertainment facilities. The nature of housing: mostly small apartments and studio-type apartments. The total number is equal to 296: 69 apartments with one bedroom apartments and 227 studio-type. The area ranges from 26 square. m (very small apartment studio type) to 102 square. m (the biggest apartment with one bedroom). Located near the Gulf, the first building is a main entrance set. At its ground floor is placed the administration of the "Marina Cape", including reception, security personnel, facilities, maintenance facilities, as well as some commercial sites. In the parterre the second building will house mostly commercial buildings (cafes / bars, shops, pharmacy, office).
     Construction phase. Construction work at the facility Kulata began in October 2006. At the moment, with regard to concrete structures, the work carried out at layer 4. Lodging and other facilities will be ready for delivery to customers at the end of October 2007
     Zone 4 - "Fara"
     Long and narrow, named as the rock on which it was built, this residential building has a spacious and sunny apartment, which, like their soimennik, looking at the sea.
     Recreation and amenities Marina Cape "
     In the shopping center "Kulata, which is located in north-eastern part of the complex, there is a medical cabinet, a pediatric room, a small dental clinic, bank office, SPA-center, fitness center and two areas for ball games (squash). There are several restaurants and cafes. On-site Marina Cape will be to cover the three national mobile operators provided cable television, wireless Internet, cheap international telephone and individual air conditioners in each apartment.
     Architecture and design
     Architect Vladimir Nikolov designs resorts on the coast, summer residences, hotels and casinos for many years. Architectural project "Marina Cape" offers the freedom, comfort and reliability.
     Buying apartment in Marina Cape, you are, in essence, buy a piece of ancient history, unique and pure nature, the maritime kingdom of the ancient Greek gods, quiet atmosphere, safety and silence, the possibility of water sports and sailing on the yacht. Also buy a chic, easily accessible and easy to use property, with all necessary conveniences.
     For those who are not happy smiled constantly live in the complex, buying a property in Marina Cape is a wonderful opportunity to invest. The unique location of the complex creates the possibility of higher income from rents, and the possibility of increasing the value of invested capital.
     For construction use only high quality materials. Everything - from the tiles in the bathrooms to windows, doors and air conditioners, will be carefully selected and executed, and the investor will be inspected by an independent inspector of the State registered. The main idea of the project - a unique location and unique architecture, emphasizing the first-class quality of construction, such a combination allows you to make the Marina Cape "in the history of the old location Aheloy.
     Finishing works
     living room / dining room and kitchenette: painted walls and ceilings;
     Bedrooms: painted walls and ceilings;
     Kitchen: kitchen cabinets with flesh;
     Flooring: Ceramic tile and Palace;
     Bathrooms: walls - tiles to the ceiling, floor - ceramic tiles, ceiling - suspended ceiling or painted to protect from moisture;
     Equipment Bathroom: bath / shower cubicle (cm. distribution plan), washbasin, toilet, mirror, electrical outlet / fan. Optional accessories: holder for towels, roller for toilet paper, toilet brush, electric hot water;
     Paul terraces / balconies: clay tile;
     Windows: RVS windows with double glazing;
     Front door: Massive reinforced metal;
     Air-conditioning: individual air-conditioning in each apartment;
     The equipment of the individual consumption of water and electricity.
     Recreation and amenities in the complex:
     4 restaurants, several cafes and bars;
     2 swimming pools with water bars;
     Two areas for ball games (squash);
     1 medical facility general medicine, 1 pharmacy, a small dental clinic;
     1 bank office;
     Large store of consumer goods;
     Several smaller universal and specialty stores;
     Wireless Internet throughout the area;
     High-speed Internet and cable TV in each apartment;
     Area: 40 000 sq. km. m
     Location: near the village of Aheloy, Bourgas area, on a small cape on the front line of the sea, on the tip of the Cape already has a small yacht club.
     1. At 19 km from Bourgas International Airport;
     2. At 6 km from Sunny Beach / Nessebar;
     3. 7 km from the future site for the game of golf next to Kableshkovo.
     Dates of completion


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